Have you signed up for the Google Plus social media network?

I’ve worked online for well over ten years at this point. I’ve seen a lot of social media sites and opportunities.

Google PlusGoogle Plus is one social media site you shouldn’t miss, not just because it is a nice place to contact friends, but also because it can give your career a considerable boost!

Google Plus is a very cool network. You can put your friends in circles and talk to them about your shared interests, but that is not what I consider the most important reason for using Google Plus.

You see, a while back Google was a bit miffed at Facebook because the Facebook owners and executives decided that they did not want to share some very helpful social media statistical information with Google.

Google decided to open their own social media site that competes with Facebook. Google Plus is a very well-built network, and, let’s face it, this is Google! Google can do just about anything on the web better than anyone else. So, they created Google Plus.

And now, if you want to be ranked well at Google, so people can easily find your site in the search engine results, do you think that maybe they would favor sites that post their articles to Google Plus, and sites that other people are adding to their Google Plus accounts?

For this reason, it is very helpful to have a Google Plus link on your site. And, what you actually need are two Google Plus links on every page of your site.

The first link its the one that visitors to your site will be able to click on so that they can add a link to your article to their Google Plus page, to let people know that they like the article and they recommend that their friends read it.

The second link on the page, on every page of your site, should be one that is going directly to your Google Plus profile, and that will let Google know that the article on that page was authored by you.

Currently, search engine optimization professionals believe that having both of these links on each page of your site will help boost your potential to rank well at Google.

I hope this helps you to have some motivation to use Google Plus more. If you’re here because you’re a blogger, the advantage is obvious. If you’re here at my site because you’re an author and you want people to discover your blog or your book, if it has been published, ranking well at Google will be something very helpful for your career as well.

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3 Responses to Why You Should Use Google Plus

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  2. Maybe I will use it now..I was unsure.

    • I’m a total believer in Google Plus. I want Google to feature my blogs and articles in their search engine, and they want me to use their social media network. What a great trade… hopefully a benefit to all involved!
      LindaJoMartin recently posted..House CreativityMy Profile